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Modern Architecture Design

Modern Architecture Design


While undertaking the development of a project, we believe in interpreting the essence of the inhabitants and reflect their style into a life enhancing environment. To envision the completed project, our architects in Delhi follow a process of reflection, planning and execution. The final plan is implemented utilizing quality material and workmanship. Our work shows outstanding design and workmanship by our best architects in Noida in every detail. We are committed to providing originality in design, fitness for implementation, value for money, labor for workmanship and solutions that is commercially effective. Our aim is to give every project its own identity. Further, a consistent focus on quality and personalized services has largely contributed to our unprecedented success. We understand that any project be it Residential or commercial is a dream for its occupant, he comes to us for the fulfillment of those dreams with optimum utilization of his hard earned money. You can also connect with our best interior designer in delhi

What We Do

We are ecstatic to serve clients with any advice regarding redesigning or restructuring the interiors, provided with a dedicated team of creative designers.


We have our expertise in interior design. We assist our clients in determining color schemes, lighting, and materials for the project and give expert advice on any possible building codes or inspection regulations that might be needed for the job.

Ninth corner also works as Project Management Consultancy for clients to offer them with our advice or support but are not in charge of execution or responsible for project success. We overview the weaknesses in the current processes and/or controls in clients project and rectify them or advise them suggestions.



From taking care of minute detailing to product purchase and advice, we help provide our complete support to the client. We advise clients to choose the best product from the best manufacturer for their project completion.

In these types of projects, we agree to ideate, design, and fully construct setup up for clients project. We work around the basic idea laid by the client and build around a fully functioning design according to the desires of our clients.