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Residential Interior design

Residential Interior design

Residential Interior design is an art and science of enhancing the interiors of a house, metamorphosing it into a ‘sweet home’ creating a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for its dwellers...We, at

9th Corner, one of the leading brand in Residential Interior Designs especially in Noida and Delhi NCR live the phrase in letter and spirit. We ensure you if given a chance to serve you, with our residential interior design styles suitable to every pocket budget we would carve out a wonderful place you have always dreamed of, giving you a cozy feel.

The 9th Corner, catalogue on the residential interior designs has a wide range of Interior Design Styles---ranging from Modern, Contemporary, Mid-Century, Minimalist, Scandinavian, Shabby chic, and Farmhouse and many more in their combinations to choose from.

Modern: A modern interior design style is defined by clean and simple color schemes, welcoming feel, clean individual elements, as well as heavy use of glass and steel and much-needed siding replacements that date back in historical times. Black and white dominates the colour palette with some faded shades blue, red, among other prime colours.

Contemporary: Is a type of interior design style which refers to trends that are ruling now- at this very moment. The main difference between contemporary and modern lays in for example that, an interior design style that was “contemporary” in the 2010s is not necessarily contemporary now, but a design that was “modern” back then still remains to be “modern”- always was, always will! In other words, modern design doesn’t change with time, whereas contemporary is more fluid

Mid-Century: This is an interior design style from the 40s to the 60s. A home designed with the Mid-Century Modern Style has a retro feel with a fresh twist. Timelessness and comfort are at the epicentre, making it one of the most preferred interior design styles. Typically, this design creates homes that are expressions of the homeowner.

Minimalist: The style emphasizes minimalism in all aspects of interior design, from simple furnishing to neutral colour palettes, to functional but not flamboyant accessories. Everything is streamlined, simple, and necessary.

Scandinavian: embodies simplistic yet highly functional spaces. It is also warm and leaves space for personal invitations. What makes it different from minimalist designs is that the style emphasizes affordability and not just necessity.

Shabby chic: is characterized by laid-back vibes, airy lighting fixtures, antique-touch furniture, and a vintage-inspired charm. It is inspired by modern designs, but it has some elements of contemporary design.

Farmhouse: This design allows us to unite with nature since it uses a lot of organic and natural materials and furniture designed accordingly design style. Wood is being the primary material used in this design style. The core idea of the farmhouse-style interiors is to use the chic elements from the countryside, modern industrial elements, heirlooms, and artistic elements to piece together to make a unique, luxurious and relaxing home.

Some other types of Interior Designs are –

  • Minimalism
  • Scandinavian Design
  • Art Deco
  • Shabby Chic
  • Industrial Style
  • South western Style
  • American Craftsman

Our dedicated team of professional Residential Interior Designing Engineers will hone your style down to its very essence, starting from ideation, conceptualization to realization. We always DO a project to meet our motto ‘TO GIVE LIFE TO EMPTY SPACES’. Our team of Creative Minds with their eclectic twists in interior designing has taken the art to a Gen Next level. We have successfully completed residential interior design projects for a large number of our clients providing their HOME projects exactly the mirror images of their personalities.

The 9th Corner family, India's Trusted Interior Design Company, believe that interior design is an art of best of creativity synthesized with functionality and beautiful aesthetics, our efficient, customized home interior designs incorporate your needs in every nook and corner of your home, so your space meets your every requirement. Our dedicated home interior designers’ leaves no stone untouched to tie your style with their design expertise, to create a perfect interior design plan. They will also ensure that the plan is executed using the materials of the highest standards.

Choosing the Right Interior Design Style? It is very difficult and confusing task to choose a right design style that may turn out to suit your taste and personality after completion, nevertheless the 9th Corner expert Interior Designers ends your quest for a perfect style suiting your personality and budget. We are at your service to create the Most Beautiful interior design plan for your HOME the one that best fits you, inspires you, and accommodates each and every need that suits your pocket budget. Of course with no compromise with quality of work and materials used.

Our mesmerizing tailor-stitched interior designs based on modern and ethnic and other wide range of themes are so vibrant that would not allow you to look further if you are thinking of giving finish to, your Kids, Living, Dining, Bedrooms, aesthetically unique to your personality.

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