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Interior Designer in Panipat

Witness the realization of your dreams through getting them actualized with us. As a top interior designer firm we are well-versed at designing a space that aligns with the theme and resonates well with residential and commercial design. Either it is your home or office, an appealing view and outlook is just makes everyone awestruck. We have knocked your door, so please welcome us in Panipat to make your residential and commercial dreams come true.

We are here in Panipat to make you feel delighted from every corner of life.

Our Services

Residential Services

  • Apartments Interior Design
  • Bungalow Interior Design
  • Home Interior Design
  • Farmhouse Interior Design
  • Penthouse Interior Design

Commercial Services

  • Salon Interior Design
  • Showroom Interior Design
  • Office Interior Design
  • Hotel Interior Design
  • Clinic Interior Design
  • Restaurant & Café Interior
  • Coworks Interior Design

Elements of design

  1. Balance-Things look good when they are not messed up. The color themes must be aligned well to give a visually appealing look.
  2. Elements-You can use two elements light and colour to construct an appealing shape. Use a bright or contrasting hue and highlight your favourite item in the spotlight.
  3. Contrast-Contrast marks the difference in the colors of objects. It is attained using three elements, colour, space and design. To achieve a perfect contrast one can use pillows or opposite colors against black or white wall.
  4. Space-The space filled living room, dining table and kitchen island is considered as positive space. A space is necessary to have a hassle-free experience. It complements the beauty of any home.
  5. Texture-Texture refers to surface quality. An interior designer can add powerful dimensions to your rooms. It can be rough or smooth, bumpy or flat, dull or shiny. Texture resonates with decorum material used in the creation of interiors and when used with light and scale adds a marvelous charm.
  6. While designing any property, be it commercial or designing, the Interior designer must pay heed in selecting colors, themes, materials, styles and pallets. These decisions play a pivotal role in setting an aesthetic benchmark.
  7. We at 9th corner strive to design your sweet dreams with our skillsets. So prefer not to wait, before it is late. We are here now in Panipat to deliver top-notch services to you. Either it is your home or office, feel free to contact us at
Interior Designer in Panipat