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Rajwada Theme

Rajwada Theme interior design

Ninth corner dwells on the idea of binding together the heritage & culture into aesthetically pleasing designs and then shaping them into your reality. This Rajwada theme design is inspired by Holkars of the Maratha Empire who built royal grandeur in the heart of Indore. Here at Ninth Corner, we desire to bring those roots back through our designs.

Arabic Theme

Arabic Theme interior design

Ninth Corner’s Arabic theme is inspired by the remarkable architecture of the Arab and there subtle beauty but a masterpiece that leaves a startling impression. Bringing that heritage back with Ninth Corner’s design will transform your living space into fine gleaming beauty.

Zen Theme

Zen Theme interior design

Why go looking out for peace when Ninth Corner serves you peace within your four walls with their interior designs, that will build you a perfect atmosphere of peace and equilibrium. Using earthy colours and light spaces, Ninth corner will create your personal Zen theme home or workplace.

Cowboy Theme

Cowboy Theme interior design

Give your kid’s room a new makeover with Ninth corner’s Cowboy themed rooms. Now, who doesn’t like to go a little vintage style themed designs? Crafting a fun styled design, so that you stand out from the rest!

A Child in the Kitchen

A Child in the Kitchen interior design

A child’s rowdy nature can never be changed but Ninth Corner prepares you for the worst. Here we help transform your kitchen space that will be ready to take any wrath. Great designs at Ninth Corner doesn’t miss such little details. 

Spare Part/Rusty Theme

Spare Part/Rusty Theme interior design

Playing with spare parts and creating substantial corrosion for interiors? The ninth corner is eminent for it’s unique and daring themes. Creating unparalleled structures to visionary designs, Ninth corner has touched almost every aspect of crafting a dream place for their clients with a sense of originality and out of box designs.