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Who is the Best Interior Designer in Noida?

Well, there is no perfect answer to that. Every interior designer is a master of their craft, but the best interior designers are the one who will guide you through a bouquet of interior themes to determine what suits your style the best. Here are some popular themes that interior designers present when interacting with their clients.

Bold, eye-catching elements

Characteristics of this style include geometric shapes and graphic patterns, polished chrome or brass, shiny wood furniture, glass and mirrors, and layered and sensual lighting. Includes a bold, artistic expression with exotic accents.


It combines different textures and materials from natural to metallic and includes warm red and purple tones, as well as many layers in pillows, rugs and blankets.

Impressionist art, music, literature and architecture

For lovers of tradition who like luxurious and formal settings tend to opt for the symmetry, sophistication, simplicity and reliability of classic design. Think gilt frames, heavy curtains, and ornate woodwork.

Modern interiors

This is the interior style for those who love to follow fashion trends and keep up to date. Right now, in the contemporary art and design world, the simplicity of white, grey, and blonde with the excitement of casual colors is trending.

Rustic character of industrial design

It uses steel, wood and exposed brick to create an angular living space full of character. It retains the best quality design from the early 20th century and brings out all its raw beauty and strange appeal. Industrial interior design themes provide a unisex feel that fits in larger spaces, both at home and in the office.


Inspired by deep blue, nautical themes in interior design are often seen in beach houses and seaside apartments, as well as in restaurants and cafes to create a sense of adventure and relaxation. Defined by rustic furniture, candle motifs, blue color palettes, and plenty of boat ornaments, the nautical interior design theme is everyone's lounging zone. 

Outdoor enthusiast

Rustic design is about bringing nature outside, but without the biting insects and the risks of bad weather. Think raw, reclaimed wood, exposed beams, and unfinished stone that are popular in many hipster cafes and restaurants today. There is no reason why you cannot recreate this home interior design

So, if you are looking for interior designers in Noida to give your home a makeover, visit Ninth Corner.