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No One Else Can Décor Your Home Like Us

Interior designing is a harmonious synthesis of art and science that turns the interiors of a building aesthetically beautiful, functional and secure matching perfectly with the building’s architect and the space requirement of the users.

Home interior designer

9th Corner INC. the most trusted name in home interior designing holds a leadership position in the field in Delhi NCR and Noida. Our home interior designs of repute are epitomes of excellence in craftsmanship. It is our pride that our interior designs are making life moments at home or the workplace for everyone better, more enjoyable, and more personal. We do our design work keeping in mind the idea to make each of our customers feel distinctive as we feel each individual is a very special person.

Punctuality, Quality, and our competitive prices for the job assigned are what separates us from other firms working in the field.

There is no parallel between our Home Interior designers in Delhi NCR excellent craftsmanship of our experts would turn your place aesthetically superior and functionally excellent.

We would create the Most Beautiful interior design plan for your Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Bedrooms, and Offices, to suit your pocket budget and requirement. Of course, with no compromise with the quality of work and materials used.

Our mesmerizing tailor-stitched interior designs based on modern and ethnic themes are so vibrant that would not allow you to look further if you are thinking of giving, your Kids, Living, Dining, and Bedrooms, aesthetically unique to your personality.

With our residential interior design by enhancing the interiors of a house, we metamorphose a house into a ‘sweet home’ creating a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for its dwellers. Our catalogue of residential interior designs includes a wide range of Interior Design Styles---ranging from Modern, Contemporary, Mid-Century, Minimalist, Scandinavian, Shabby Chic, and Farmhouse, and many more in their combinations to choose from. With excellent rapport in the market in home interior designing, we are the best home interior designing firm in North Delhi and the whole NCR. We are a firm with no parallel in the market and we don’t say it for the sake of saying thousands of satisfied customers in the region are testimony of our claim. We have solutions for every kind of home interior.

we are just one click away from you, you can easily avail our residential interior design services just by visiting our website.

Commercial architects in Delhi NCR

We are the leading name in architecture circles in Delhi NCR is managed by progressive professionals having expertise in architectural design and has a long legacy of creating spaces people love to use and preserve.

We have expertise in designing and handling all kinds of residential, commercial, and industrial projects spanning from inception in scale to completion of projects on the ground.

We offer such mesmerizing innovative solutions in architecture designs to our clients which not only speak visually for themselves but also take on the lookers to stir up. We are an architectural company that has solutions for every class of clients. The specialty to integrate all elements of design, interiors, architecture, and landscaping into one is what makes us different from our peers in the field.

Commercial interior designers in Delhi

Even the best businesses fail to achieve the success they are the potential if their interior spaces are not thought out well. As the saying goes, the footfalls of customers at any place are directly proportional to its attractiveness. The purpose of any commercial space is characterized by its interior design irrespective of its location be it in Metro or big or small towns or in the bay area. Thus, well-thought interior designs for commercial spaces are the need of the hour.

In retail spaces, a well-designed space proves to be more attractive to customers, increasing the footfall in stores and encouraging customers to spend more time browsing the merchandise. Where office space is concerned, a designer may utilize a commercial interior design project to establish a theme that showcases the company’s corporate image. For example, a tech company can furnish its office space with a contemporary theme to focus on technological efficacy. In contrast, a restaurant may want its interior space to reflect the regional décor of the cuisine it serves.

Any type of interior design is done to synthesize or sync functional architecture with aesthetic elements to add to making any structure look and feel cool. Stores, offices, restaurants, shopping malls, or warehouses are built for business purposes therefore, they require specific commercial interior designs to accomplish their goals.

Commercial interior designs pertaining to the designing of different commercial spaces such as retail spaces, offices, lobbies, restaurants, hotels, and places of public use. Good planning, creative design thinking, space management, skilled handiwork, and precise execution are the critical ingredients for a well-made commercial space. The interiors bring liveliness and give exciting twists to otherwise blended areas of a commercial establishment. Significantly improve the surrounding space and encourage people to spend more time in the vicinity. Thus, it adds value to business growth.

9th Corner INC. has answers for all your Commercial Interior Design needs to be required to give impetus to your business activities thereby taking it to the next level. Our professional Commercial Interior designers are versatile enough to meet high-end results within the assigned budget.

Our efficient, customized Commercial Interior designs are so brilliantly carved so as to incorporate your every need in every nook and corner of your business space, to turn your space to meet your every requirement. Our dedicated designers will do every bit possible to tie your style with their design expertise, to create a perfect Commercial interior design plan. They will also ensure that the plan is executed using the materials of the highest standards.

9th Corner INC., one of the leading brands in Commercial Office Interior Design especially in Noida and Delhi NCR has the best commercial interior designs to offer. Our designs are suitable to meet the needs of every class of customers and the interior design needs of their commercial space. Our Designs would turn your commercial space into the wonderful place of your dreams.