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Architectural Services

We are here to architect your dreams

If a dream is envisioned there are architects who are going to design with their impeccable craft. It is not about the beautiful layout designed at last, it is the about the rigorous process, theories, art and skillsets that have implied to make everything actualized.

"When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it’s wrong." - Buckminster Fuller

Indeed, the statement is right. If the final outcome has some default, then there is no use of the entire process as client’s dreams will be shattered.

At 9th Corner we realized the same and are committed to give a final edge to your dreams. We have hired professional architects who work from scratch in making your dreams stand out.

We deal in both commercial and residential designs and here to give a perfect picture to your dreams. We incorporate our client’s values in our dreams and create innovation designs out of it.

Here what follow to make your dreams stand out.

Delivering Customer Needs

Client is the soul of our project so, we work from scratch to make their every dream come true. From intensive market research to incorporating innovative designs, we strive to offer best services.

We create innovative designs

Innovation is the foremost thing in every aspect and in architectural design it is main. Through analyzing human behavior, scanning evolving market techniques and implying modern design, we add an innovative touch to our final layout.

Some types of Architectural designs are -

  • Neoclassical Architecture
  • Modern Architecture
  • Gothic Architecture
  • Art Deco
  • Postmodern
  • Baroque Architecture
  • International Style
  • Romanesque Architecture
  • Contemporary Architecture
  • Greek Revival Architecture
  • Ancient Roman Architecture
  • Renaissance Architecture
  • Tudor Architecture
  • Expressionist Architecture
  • American Craftsman
  • Victorian Architecture

Holistic Design Solutions

Our designs are holistic and have environmentally responsive solutions. We understand the correlation, cost and time delivered, so we are committed to ensure project delivery as promised. All our projects incorporate a unique artistic image and have utility theory.

A structural process

We follow a rigorous process of planning, organizing, visualizing and sketching to make our client satisfied. Through our structural procedure we strive to offer what our client wants.

Feedback after services

Our journey does not end after the design of client’s dreams; we keep adding more layers through our continuous feedback through keeping our client update with recent market trends.

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