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Why are we Top Interior Designer in Delhi / Noida ?

As the name suggests, we are the 9th corner of any structure. A structure has eight corners but the 9th corners mark the most important corner as we are a hidden gem for making your other eight corners beautiful!

9th corner inc. has been one of the Leading Interior Designers in Delhi NCR that has challenged the conventional way of thinking and thus given new dimensions to Interior Designing for more than the last 16 years. Our specialization is Providing Interior Designing Service in both residential and commercial projects and delivering a unique blend of comfort and beauty. Now we have completed 600+ residential and commercial projects in Delhi NCR and Noida. With 16 years of experience in the Interior Designing Industry, we have a very firm hold over designing exclusive Salons Interiors, Residentials, and Commercial Spaces from scratch or redesigning the existing ones and giving them a new and classy look keeping in mind every aspect of space utilization required. We are one of those Best Interior Decorators in Noida, who always satisfy our clients with our work. That’s why we not only one of the Top Interior Designers in Delhi but also the Best Interior Designers in Noida.

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Reason behind 9th Corner Inc. | Top Interior Designing firm in Delhi/ Noida

Today if we talk about Top Interior Designing companies in Noida or Top Interior Designing companies in Delhi  NCR, 9th corner Inc. is one of them. Under the vision of its founder Rahul Gupta, who is a qualified professional, born and brought up in Delhi , 9th Corner Inc. is on peak today. He firmly believes that a satisfied client is an asset for life. He is a creative soul who creates Exclusive Interior Designs with over a decade of expertise in the realm of interior designing. His enthusiasm for giving an exclusive and elite look to spaces has helped him accomplish many awards and achievements for his work. His aptitude of infusing ageless charm and amalgamating traditional and contemporary design forms makes him one of the most solicited after Interior Designers in Delhi NCR and built 9th corner as one of the Top Interior Designing Firms in Delhi.


  1. 9th Corner Inc. has an extraordinary capacity to understand its client's choice and taste.
  2. With client’s close union, we convert their dreams into reality by offering a unique and personal touch to the interiors.
  3. The best interiors designed by us represent a unique panorama of elegance, style, unmatched designs, diversity and colours that are sure to captivate anyone.
  4. We are there with our clients at every step right from making layouts, supervising the site and helping our clients in purchasing, ordering and all this in their budgets.
  5. Our Execution closely resembles a philharmonic orchestra.
  6. Great coordination among all Interior Decorators in Noida and trades involved in construction results in amazing speeds. We have set trends in the industry which others are striving to emulate.





We are committed to providing authenticity and freshness in design, suitability for implementation, value for money, a team of best interior decorators in Noida and solutions that are commercially effective. Ninth Corner work with their best Interior designers to create your dream vision of your home or your office space and work hard towards a primary objective of building a style staple for clients. Our aim is to give every project its own identity and a definition of its own that reflects your idea and beliefs. Further, a consistent focus on quality and personalized services has largely contributed to our unparalleled success. As we come under top 10 interior designers in Delhi & Noida.